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Saturday, August 23, 2008

Buying School Clothes

Today Kevin and I took Adam to Longview to have a special day with us. Our goal was to make him feel special because he is starting Pre-school soon and needed some new clothes. He was so excited he could barely wait the hour long ride. When we got to the mall we came to an arcade so of course we had to stop and let Kevin and Adam play some games. Then we took Adam to JcPenny's to pick out some clothes. Adam made it very clear to me that he would be picking out the clothes not me. Penny's was having a sale on their clothes so we gathered several items and headed to the dressing room. This is the first time Adam has ever picked out and tried on new clothes. He was really excited and he kept saying "It really doesn't matter if the clothes are too big, it will be all right, really mom it's okay." He is getting so big and so smart it's hard to believe he is already 4. At the end of our trip we bought Adam three pairs of pants and five shirts so he is ready for school.

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