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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Adam and his ABC's

Earlier tonight Adam was writing on his little writing tablet and he asked me to write his name. After I wrote his name and told him the letters he erased what I had wrote and then he decided to write his name by himself. He didn't even want us to look at him until he was done. I asked my if he wanted to learn to write "Mommy" so we did the same thing. I wrote the word then Adam erased it and wrote it by himself. I am so proud of him because he was doing really good and he ended up writing four words all by himself.(Adam,Mommy,Daddy,& Austin) He also told us that he was ready for school because he was going to learn lots of words there.

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Noni said...

I have never seen a kid so smart!! Well except two others (guess who?)) Your blogspot is really cute, good job. Love you, Pam