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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Adam and his ABC's

Earlier tonight Adam was writing on his little writing tablet and he asked me to write his name. After I wrote his name and told him the letters he erased what I had wrote and then he decided to write his name by himself. He didn't even want us to look at him until he was done. I asked my if he wanted to learn to write "Mommy" so we did the same thing. I wrote the word then Adam erased it and wrote it by himself. I am so proud of him because he was doing really good and he ended up writing four words all by himself.(Adam,Mommy,Daddy,& Austin) He also told us that he was ready for school because he was going to learn lots of words there.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

My Sweet,Sweet Boy!!

As everyone knows I fell down the stairs and broke my toe. Well, during nap time at my house I have for the last week been taking a bath to soak my foot in hot water. Adam has gotten to the point where he will not take a nap so I put a movie on and told him not to get up. A couple of times he came to the bathroom door and said he needed to tell me something, both times he just wanted to tell me he loved me:) And both times I told him that I loved him too and that he needed to get back on the couch and watch his movie. When I came out of the bathroom after my bath Adam had made me a glass of water and opened a small bag of chips for me and put them on my nightstand beside my bed. Adam heard me walk out of the bathroom so he came running in to tell me that he made me the water and gotten the chips so I wouldn't have to get up to get a drink or snack. I just wanted everyone to know how wonderful my child is. The unconditional love that our children have for us is overwhelming, heart warming, and unforgettable.

Playtime with Aunt Sue and Peyton

Aunt Sue and Peyton came over this morning to play with Adam and Austin. We were outside playing on the swing set and Aunt Sue was telling Peyton to do something and of course Adam pipes in and says "Yea Peyton listen to your mom's mom." Aunt Sue thought this was really funny. We really never know what Adam is going to say next. I am sure I'm not the only mother that was a little nervous when their child starts to talk:)

Monday, August 25, 2008


Kevin and I would like to hear your feedback and comments on our blogs. Under each blog is a place to click on "Comments" and you will be able to leave a comment about that blog. Kevin and I are hoping to keep our blog updated often so we will check for your comments.

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Buying School Clothes

Today Kevin and I took Adam to Longview to have a special day with us. Our goal was to make him feel special because he is starting Pre-school soon and needed some new clothes. He was so excited he could barely wait the hour long ride. When we got to the mall we came to an arcade so of course we had to stop and let Kevin and Adam play some games. Then we took Adam to JcPenny's to pick out some clothes. Adam made it very clear to me that he would be picking out the clothes not me. Penny's was having a sale on their clothes so we gathered several items and headed to the dressing room. This is the first time Adam has ever picked out and tried on new clothes. He was really excited and he kept saying "It really doesn't matter if the clothes are too big, it will be all right, really mom it's okay." He is getting so big and so smart it's hard to believe he is already 4. At the end of our trip we bought Adam three pairs of pants and five shirts so he is ready for school.

Friday, August 22, 2008

Austin has his own language

Okay I know that 1 year old's are hard to understand at first and a lot of times can only be understood my their parents but I don't remember a time where I didn't understand what Adam was saying. Austin on the other hand is very very different. There are of course some words that you can understand but for the most part this last week he is talking a lot and it defiantly is his own language and he expects me to understand??!! I will be glad when I can at least make out what he is saying.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

My baby is starting school!!

I can't believe that Adam is old enough to start Pre-School!!! One week from today I will be taking him to school to meet his teacher Mrs. Pam and his classmates. It makes me sad that the last four years have flew by but at the same time I am excited for Adam to learn and get to interact with other kids. Adam will be attending school Tuesday through Thursday afternoons and he is really excited. I will keep you updated on how the first meeting goes:)

Can you believe this??

Yesterday I was walking down the stairs with Adam in front of me with a Scooby-Doo costume on and Austin in my arms when I slipped on Adam's tail and fell down the stairs!! When we arrived at the bottom I asked Adam if he was okay and he said yes, then I look at Austin and he was fine. I then thought to myself that was scary and man my foot hurts. I looked down to see my pinky toe on my left foot pointing the oppisite direction of the other toes:( I new I had broke my toe!!!! I had to go to the doctor and they stuck my foot four time with a needle and then started pulling on my toe to reset it. That was PAINFUL!!!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

New Bloggers

Hi there everyone:)

Kevin and I are new at this blog thing so bare with us as we figure it out. We will try to update our blog every day or so, to keep everyone informed on what's happening in our world.